Shape & Energy WISHLIST

Never thought I’ll do a wishlist like this, but the beautiful France alias Choupi_healthy, started it.

I folow her on IG many months ago, but few weeks ago I discovered her amazing french blog [] where she talks about her journey to become healthy – and the fun thing is that we have the same age #ShameOnME

Well, she introduced me through her blog to products that helps you with you everyday living by keeping you energized and on shape. & for the first time I was convinced that’s what I needed, because seriously guys I’m K-O most of time.

So i’ll prefer to start with her BFF The Angel Pack from VITA NUTRITION


The Green Angel: is composed from 22 superfoods (1x/day to add to your smoothie or just water)

 The pure Angel helps you to get rid of toxins (2x/day, 1odays a month)

[But they don’t deliver worlwide yet… so I have to find alternatives for the moment]

In the mean time… my wishlist for the moment…



and these super foods from NaturalMojo….



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