Welcome – again

Hey beautiful ladies,

My ‘Blog construction’ took too much time apparently…

It’s easy to say that I was too busy and had no time, but honestly I was more of that… I was lost.

I reached that point when I was trying to find myself desperately, and it took me that much time… almost two months.

I did many steps to see improvements, but didn’t wanted to share them before making sure to stick to them this time.

 I had a bad time seeing all girls on IG making all their improvements in many areas, and was… ‘Jealous?’ – No!! But so unhappy of myself.

How come I was comparing my chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20 or 30?

I was really hard on myself, all the time. I wanted to be a good person to my relatives, to myself, to my work and to GOD.

But, sometimes did nothing ‘tangible’ to see any improvement, and sometimes trying to do everything at the same time… and was exhausted.

So today, I decided that besides of the first topic of the blog, where I was going to share only (If I allow myself to say) Superficial things, I’ll share more than that… because “Together… Girls know best how to share Love and Hapiness”


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