Don’t wait the summer for a beautiful sunkissed look

Yeah, why waiting for the summer to have a beautiful Sunkissed look, I want highlighted hair all year long, I just love having natural highlights, it gives you an instant fresh look.

And before introducing you my lovely and beautiful gradual blonding jelly from l’Oréal, I have to say that I tried them all – almost. As I said I love my hair being naturally highlighted.

41e4ffb1ac8f4eada94ce64ec8cf717aAnd the special about this jelly from l’Oréal, is the texture… it changes from the spays; Jellies are easier to use, you can control where to put it and how much you do.

Besides this one smells really great, and leaves the hair really smooth. Doesn’t make it dry at all. I just like the touch of my hair after applying it.

And the good news: No need to rinse, just apply and go. It lightens your hair gradually, giving you a beautiful sunkissed look ❤


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