How I made my brows fuller and thicker


Hey girls,

Let’s start this article by a confession: sometimes I really mess up. specially when I was younger!!

How it would be possible to be beautiful with tinny thin brows?!

Well, for me it wasn’t that horrible, but I’m really glad that the trend now is all about thick brows (sometimes too thick!! OH… you know what I mean)

Anyway. I never was a fan of filling my brows specially with crayons, It locks pores and makes the hair growth much slower.
So I was more into brow mascara or powders.. wich gave me nice and natural look, making my brows look ticker and beautiful.

But I noticed that the more I was using these products, the more my brows would look more and more thin (when w/o make up on).
Though, it was almost impossible for me to leave them natural, they looked really thin.

So I searched for products and recipes to make them thicker, and my beautiful Cynthia Dulude, made me remember that sometimes we don’t need fancy products to do even the most hard jobs. All it need is One (or two) simple – stinky?- products.

And she was right because I used when I was younger to use one of them, just RAW, and it worked just fine.

Well, in one of her videos she talked about Castor, Garlic and oinion oils. And she warned her viewers from the odor from the latest ones, but I didn’t really mind.

I used to take a piece of garlic and pass it on my brows some nights before sleeping, and the odor disapear few minutes later. It was Okay for me.

Anyway, this time, I decided to try Onion Oil, because she highly recommended it.
And the great news is that I found 2 brands that smells just like OIL, no Onion stinky smell, It was Great!!

I put it on my brows, my hair, and I already see the difference on my brows.

And it makes me so HAPPY ❤ I wanted to share it with you guys.

Castor Oil is really great too, I used to put it on my brows, lashes and hair. It took some time. But was ALWAYS happy with it.

Now, how I fill my brows?

well, it may shock some of you, but it is an old trick that our grandma momma’s did, and it is simply Burned Cloves.

Actually you just burn the head of the clove for 3 seconds, and then use it as a brow pencil. It works just as a regular brow filler, and it stays for 2 days (you can wash it out with no problem if you want to).

These are Cloves. You take One piece, burn the round part and use it as brow pencil!!

Products I use now and then, but not too often…

The Brow Drama mascara from Maybelline, that sculpt the brows and give them a bolder and natural look

& The eyeBrow Kit from Oriflame, than contains two shades (medium and dark brown) and a setting wax.

Love them.

Products I’d love to try someday?

Anastasia Beverly Hills products, definitely!!  (In special occasions)


a DIY Dip Brow… 

Few days ago, I tried a Cocoa dip Brow, which is basically cocoa powder and argan oil.

It still in trial period, so I’ll let you know…

Last, but not least: Girls just don’t go crazy with the tweezers, it may be tempting at first, but years later you will regret it. And sometimes it’s really hard correcting this kind of mistakes.

True 😦

See you soon 😉



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